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KPMI® 2014 Product Overview

Kibblewhite O.E.M replacement Valves

O.E.M. Replacement Valves

  • KPMI® Recommended OEM Replacement Valves
  • Exceeds OEM Specifications
  • Your OEM Alternative 
  • Compatible with O.E.M. Spring Kits

  • KPMI® has recognized a need for direct OEM replacement valves that meet KPMI® standards for race quality performance and endurance, while also being affordable. To meet this need KPMI® has new product line selected from existing or newly developed KPMI® valves for select applications.

    If you look closely at the KPMI® Tensilite® titanium valves, you will notice the U.S. milled one piece forged design, precision ground stems and the CrN PVD coating covering the entire valve. In cases where the OEM uses steel exhaust valves, KPMI® has elected to implement our race proven line of Black Diamond™ stainless steel exhaust valves, rather than create a new line of valves made from a lesser quality material to match the OEM. For your next factory rebuild, upgrade to KPMI® and gain yourself some performance and reliability, while saving yourself some money.

    Note: These valves are intended as O.E.M. replacement valves and are completely compatible with the O.E.M. spring kits. However, experienced engine builders, who are running aggressive camshafts or higher than factory RPM’s may find the combination of the O.E.M. Style Valve and KPMI’s Lightweight Racing Spring Kits advisable.

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Kibblewhite KTM® XC-F™ Lightweight Racing Spring Kit

KTM® SX-F / XC-F 250™ 2013-2014 Lightweight Racing Spring Kit and Components

  • The KPMI® KTM® SX-F / XC-F250 spring kit includes dual springs designed with attention given to their natural frequencies and cam harmonics. Also, the retainers were FEA designed to take advantage of the increased strength and wear resistance of a heat treated steel retainer, while reducing its mass to within grams of a comparable titanium retainer. This lightweight performance kit offers more pressure than stock and is capable of handling higher RPM and aggressive cam profiles with up to .450” valve lift.

  • These Black Diamond™ valves for the SX-F / XC-F250 were designed by KPMI® to achieve excellent flow characteristics. They are lightweight, one piece forged and made from high strength and durable 21-4N stainless steel. Both valves are available with standard head diameters, or call for customs sizes.
  • The KPMI® alloy-C630 nickel bronze valve guides have been designed for high lift cams and maximum wearability. Other characteristics are thermal transfer, which allows for a cooler running valve and running true to the seat.

To learn more about this Kibblewhite® lightweight racing kit and other valvetrain related components for the KTM® SX-F / XC-F250, go to KTM® SX-F / XC-F 250 Components Section.

Kibblewhite HD® Evolution™ OEM Styl Seals & Tools Kit

Suzuki® Hayabusa™ Lightweight Racing Valve Spring Kit

  • KPMI® is proud to introduce one of the most unique retainers we have ever designed. The Suzuki® Hayabusa™ is a technical marvel that changed the game for the sport bike world, and we at KPMI® put in an equal technical effort to make a part worthy of such a bike. This retainer is thoroughly a product of modern engineering. KPMI® engineers spent nearly a year studying materials, and surface treatments to find the ideal balance of hardness, toughness, wear resistance, and strength. They spent countless hours refining the design with finite element analysis and the results are impressive. The new KPMI® retainer is within 1.5 grams of the O.E.M. aluminum retainer, while being 55% harder!

  • The design tackled several goals besides just reducing mass. Our engineers addressed the shim counterbore wear, and keeper pull-through issues of the O.E.M. aluminum retainer, with our super hardenable alloy and Posi-Loc feature. This new retainer also features spring shoulders that were designed to mate with the O.E.M. springs. This allows our retainer be used as a direct O.E.M. replacement, or with KPMI’s Super-Clean Chrome Silicon springs for higher performance applications. This really is the ultimate retainer for the ultimate sport bike.

To learn more about this Kibblewhite Racing Kit and other valvetrain related components for the Suzuki® , go to Kibblewhite Suzuki® GSX-1300 Section.

Kibblewhite HD® Evolution™ OEM Styl Seals & Tools Kit

Harley-Davidson® Sportster™ 1957-1969 & 1970-1983 Engine Builder Series Wrist Pin Bushing

  • KPMI® has been making wrist pin bushing for Big Twins for over 30-years. The racers-choice is our “Ampco-45” wrist pin bushings that continue to perform under the most demanding conditions. Recently KPMI® has developed an additional line of Wrist Pin Bushings for Big Twins®.
  • Our “Engine Builders” line of Wrist Pin Bushings are made from SAE660 bearing bronze. These bushings are made to exact tolerances and will meet or exceed fitment and wear ability of all other replacement bushings available. This new line of Engine Builder Wrist Pin Bushing are sold individually, and are also available in a +.002” oversize outside diameter.

To learn more about these Kibblewhite® Racing Kit and other valvetrain related components for Harley-Dacidson® Twin Cam™ 88-103, go to Harley-Davidsoni® Sportster™ Section.

Kibblewhite HD® Evolution™ OEM Styl Seals & Tools Kit

Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam™ 88-103 Fat Stem Valve

  • Some later model Harley Twin Cam™ heads using 7.0mm valves may have a tendency to crack in the port end of the valve guide boss. This has been noticed on heads with the number 332 embossed on the cylinder heads.
  • KPMI® is now producing Black Diamond™ Valves with +.005” oversize stems for engine builders who need to reestablish correct valve stem to guide clearance, but do want to take a chance on creating a crack, or worsening an existing crack by changing valve guides in these heads.
  • The valve guides must be reamed/honed to set the correct clearance, and then a valve job should be performed to insure proper valve sealing.
  • The oversize portion of the stem does not extend into the keeper groove area, so the OEM keepers may be used.

To learn more about these Kibblewhite® Racing Kit and other valvetrain related components for Harley-Dacidson® Twin Cam™ 88-103, go to Harley-Davidsoni® Twin Cam™ Section.

Kibblewhite HD® Evolution™ OEM Styl Seals & Tools Kit

Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam™ 88-103 Wrist Pin Bushing

  • Designed and manufactured by KPMI® to original OEM dimensions with Kibblewhite® Quality and Precision. Wrist pin bushings need the correct combination of characteristics to perform properly in their high load environment. These bushings have excellent anti friction qualities, as well as good hardness, and resistance to wear and deformation under high loads. KPMI® wrist pin bushings are held to tight dimensional tolerances, offer excellent machinability, so the optimum surface finish may be obtained, and have a tapered lead on each end to ease installation. These wrist pins will meet or exceed fitment and wearability of all other replacement style bushings available.

To learn more about these Kibblewhite® Racing Kit and other valvetrain related components for Harley-Dacidson® Twin Cam™ 88-103, go to Harley-Davidsoni® Twin Cam™ Section.

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