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KPMI letter from the president

As Kibblewhite Precision Machining Inc. heads into our 76th year as a family owned, market leading, and internationally respected powersports valvetrain specialist, we are excited to offer our most comprehensive stock item inventory yet. Our inventory is further supplemented by an almost infinite variety of choice our custom manufacturing capabilities allow. No manufacturer gets to have these capabilities, or a product range as extensive, well designed and well engineered as ours without two very important groups of people. People without whom none of what we do would be possible, and to whom I am pleased to be able to pay tribute.

First, we have a fantastic team of talented, hard working, and enthusiastic employees here at KPMI’s worldwide manufacturing headquarters in California. What you see on this website is the fruit of their skills, creativity, and labors. Proudly manufacturing American designed products in America. Theirs is a labor of love, born out of the passion that we share with you for motorcycles, performance, and quality craftsmanship.

Second, is our loyal network of customers, a network that literally spans the globe. We are appreciative of our customer network. Their business and feedback, allows KPMI to prosper. In turn, KPMI helps you prosper.

Much is often made of the importance of ‘mission statements’ but KPMI’s has always been simplicity itself. "Listen to our customers, because that is what we do." At KPMI we make it a point of principle to listen to what our customers have to say. What they have to say about the products they need, and any ideas they have, are what stimulate us to broaden our product range and services. It is only by listening to our customers that we can continue to improve as a performance component vendor of choice each year.

I am confident that the product range you see here, and the services we are able to provide are the ones that you want and need. This is because we have listened, and specifically because the business that is Kibblewhite Precision Machining Inc. is one shaped by the process of listening to you, and knowing what you need. As you look through our catalog and consider your performance valvetrain needs, think of KPMI as your very own performance component facility. A facility that has been designed specifically with the performance Valvetrain needs of your business, workshop, parts counter, or race team at the heart of its architecture; one built and developed from the ground-up, expressly to deliver the products that you and your customers need.

That is what we strive to be.
That is our mission statement.

William F. Kibblewhite
President and Owner

Kibblewhite Precision Machining | Designing and Manufacturing Quality Valvetrain Since 1936="Kibblewhite